LD Architect is the professional embodiment of any of your ideas around the world. My projects can be found in Moscow, in Sheregesh, Istanbul and Bodrum, in the Congo, in Bali, in Italy.

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EVA DOGAN (Anastasia Leonidova)

Interior designer, architect, decorator

Individual and creative approach to creating each interior. Design and project management from the first sketch and drawing to the last detail, accessory.

The main thing in the work of the designer, I believe, is to create harmonious and comfortable interiors, cozy and sincere, where not only style is important, but also the energy of space, giving the owners the inspiration to live, raise children and make their dreams come true. Each interior is a symphony of sounds embodied in high-quality and modern materials. For the past 15 years, I have been creating residential and public spaces that are a continuation and reflection of its owner.

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The LD Architect company is dozens of completed projects in Russia and around the world. This is interior design, architecture and decoration. This is an individual approach to solving your problem. Many of the projections can be found on the pages and covers of well-known magazines. In my work, I strive to achieve the perfect balance between function and beauty. It is important not only to create impressive interiors - but to make people's lives better by decorating and creating a new lifestyle.

Transforming space





Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey 

+90 507-760 70-72